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Did you clean your tongue today?

Did you clean your tongue today?

The tongue is inhabitant of huge number bacteria in the oral cavity. In spite of this fact many people do not clean their tongue.

The importance of cleaning the tongue should not be undermined because of the following-

  • It reduces the unwanted bacteria that can contribute to tooth decay
  • It keeps the breath neutral and fresh
  • It improves the taste sensation

Tools for tongue cleaning-

  • Scrapers ( commonly used )
  • Tongue brushes.

How often the tongue should be cleaned?

Ideally the tongue should be pink in colour. If it appears dark, it probably means there is a build-up of debris on the tongue.

It is recommended that each time you brush and floss your teeth finish your dental care routine with a tongue cleaning.

How to clean the tongue?

  1. It is advised to extend the tongue outwards to the maximum so as to access the full length and to avoid gagging.
  2. Brush the entire top surface of the tongue, using gentle pressure from the back of the tongue to the front .
  3. Be careful not to press too hard otherwise it might injure the tongue.
  4. Do it repeatedly and rinse your tool after each stroke to remove the built up from the tool.
  5. After cleaning the tongue, it is advised to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash because it moisturizes your mouth and kills additional bacteria. Swish the liquid around a bit in order to make sure your tongue is thoroughly rinsed off.

At Normanhurst Dental, we always teach our patients the importance of cleaning the tongue.

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