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Restoration (White Filling)

General dentistry focuses on the health of your teeth and mouth and it is important for the early detection of any problems.

Restoration (White Filling)

A dental restoration (or ‘filling’) is the process of repairing the function and structural integrity of damaged tooth structure, using a dental restorative material.

Causes of damaged tooth structure include: tooth decay, trauma, fracture or wear.

There are two types of restorative materials used depending on the size of the restoration required: composite resin or ceramic (porcelain). Both of these materials are matched to your natural tooth colour.

There are two types of dental restoration procedures:

Direct Restorations: Used for smaller restorations, a composite resin filling material is placed into the prepared tooth cavity.

Indirect Restorations: Used for larger restorations, they require a custom made ceramic (porcelain) tooth replacement filling. These are called inlays and onlays.

An inlay is a filling applied to the inside of a tooth. An onlay is a filling applied both in and over the cusp (outer edge) of the tooth.

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Restoration (White Filling)
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