Happy Gas (Inhalation sedation)

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happy gas

Inhalation sedation is also called relative anaesthesia, happy gas or laughing gas. It is a gas that is quickly and easily administered by our experienced team through inhalation. This provides a relaxed state of mind.

The gas only takes a few minutes to take effect and is quickly reversed. Therefore there is no inconvenience caused and you are able to go home or back to work on your own. This is the only form of sedation where you may be able to drive yourself home after the procedure.

Two types of masks can be used to deliver gas to the patient:-

  • Traditional nasal masks
  • Silhouette nasal masks

At Normanhurst Dental, we use the latest Silhouette low profile nasal masks.

Key Benefits of using Silhouette nasal masks

  • Size and shape – access to oral cavity
  • Lightweight and comfortable for patients
  • Complete seal around nose
    1. Predictable sedation experience (time savings)
    2. Scavenging efficiency
  • Single patient use
    1. Improved infection control
    2. Time savings for room turn over
  • 4 size options- Perfect fit for all patients
Inhalation sedation
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