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Tooth Jewellery

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Tooth Jewellery is the latest must-have fashion accessory!

Everybody needs a little extra sparkle in their life from time to time – and tooth gem is the perfect way to get exactly that. Tooth Jewel(tooth gem) is a brilliant piece of crystal embedded in the tooth that ensure a smile that looks like a million dollars….

tooth gem

The jewels tooth gem can simply be bonded to the tooth surface (labial surface of upper anterior teeth) without any preparation (tooth cutting). It’s a painless and non-invasive procedure takes only 10-20 minutes.

If you want to take it off in the future, it can be done very quickly, without pain and a disturbance of integrity of your tooth.

Taking care of tooth gem is nothing else than a regular brushing.

It is your chance to combine between beauty and health in one harmless process!

So come to Normanhurst Dental and walk away with a “Sparkling Smile”

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